The “Create & Download My CV” tool was created to assist Candidates in putting together a professional looking CV.

You can:

It’s as simple as entering your details. The system will use the details you entered to generate a professional looking CV which you can Download and use. To get started – Click Here.

Most people either don’t know how to or are simply just lazy to sit down and write a detailed and professional looking CV. Some struggle to find a perfect format, some don’t know what to include and what not to include. With this tool all you have to do is enter your details, the system will handle the rest. The tool allows you to add, edit and delete information as you please, i.e if you need to make changes to your CV, you can simply go back, modify it and download the updated version of your CV.

NB. We encourage sharing amongst users of this tool, i.e. if you find it useful and know someone that can make use of it, kindly share with them.


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