NSFAS Students At UFS Have To Pay For Laptops Monthly

UFS SRC has released a statement in which they express
their disappointment on hearing that NSFAS students at UFS
have to give R500 of monthly allowances to pay for laptops.
NSFAS students at UFS were given a purchase contract to sign should they be receiving a device. In this
contract, it says that they are to pay for the device in monthly installments of R500, beginning 1 June 2020. The
Student Representative Council (SRC) at UFS is not happy with this.
MInister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, confirmed that NSFAS beneficiaries will receive laptops. These
laptops have started being delivered to NSFAS students this week.
On how the cost of these devices for NSFAS students will work, Nzimande stated, “NSFAS students who wish to
access the devices through their institutions will do so on the basis of an agreement that the cost of the device
will be offset against their learning materials allowances for 2021.”

However, at UFS it has been revealed that NSFAS beneficiaries will have to give R500 of their allowances to
make up the cost of the laptop monthly. UFS’s SRC does not agree with this and is disappointed in the
University and their “continuous exploitation of vulnerable students”, as stated in a statement released by the
They have said that they were not made aware of the conditions this contract entails and feel that they should
have been made aware as they are the highest student structure and are there to be the voice of the students.
The SRC has accused UFS management of “continuously opting to go behind out backs and make decisions on
behalf of students without consulting student representatives.
The council has written to the Rectorate to request a meeting urgently.
The SRC says that this agreement would have students who are already economically challenged have to give
of their meal allowances and does not agree with this.

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